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Phillip Pearson’s Classroom

Fienberg-fisher K-8 Center

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Grade(s) All

No. Students 800

Subject Library/Media center

Need Literacy, reading materials

Our school library serves 900 kids and their teachers. Most of our students come from low-income families (87.2% of the children in our school qualify for free or reduced lunch)and are unlikely to have extensive access to books at home. Some of the books in our library are pretty beaten up: the average age of the books is 16 years. We have just exp... Learn more

Teana Wong’s Classroom

Holly Oak Elementary

San Jose, CA 95148

Grade(s) 1st Grade

No. Students 24

Subject General

Need Literacy, reading materials

We laugh at funny things, question things that don't make sense, and discuss serious topics like friendships and bullying. We celebrate when a friend meets a milestone in reading or math, and we try to help a friend understand a difficult topic. Unfortunately, with budget cuts, I am unable to meet the continuing needs of my English language l... Learn more

Laura Spiering’s Classroom

Monarch Grove Elementary

Los Osos, CA 93402

Grade(s) All elementary

No. Students 300

Subject Reading skills

Need Literacy, reading materials

I teach second and third graders at Monarch Grove Elementary School who are struggling with their reading. The kids meet with me in small groups outside of the classroom. We do guided reading activities that help them learn skills to improve their reading level. We could use basic supplies like books, notebooks, pencils to help with materials th... Learn more

Frances Alexander’s Classroom

Daphne Intermediate School

Daphne, AL 36526

Grade(s) All elementary

No. Students 565

Subject Library/Media center

Need Literacy, reading materials

Hello, I am a school librarian. We are always in need of new titles. Our school has more students now. There is a new apartment complex built in the community. An additional 50 students registered this summer with more on the way. Because of the slump in the economy, libraries in our state received no money for five years. Last year I received $5... Learn more

Marian Segal’s Classroom

Palm Lakes Elementary School

Hialeah, FL 33014

Grade(s) Kindergarten

No. Students 36

Subject All

Need Literacy, reading materials

My class is part of the Extended Foreign Language Program,which is a Bi-lingual program where the children receive 1/2 day instruction in English and 1/2 day instruction in Spanish. I am the English Language Arts and Science teacher for 2 groups of students. In my classroom children are involved in numerous activities involving the use of many mo... Learn more

Dolores Vazquez Donet’s Classroom

Vineland Elementary School

Miami, FL 33156

Grade(s) 5th Grade

No. Students 46

Subject Science (Social)

Need Literacy, reading materials

With donations from Adopt-A-Classroom, my fifth grade students would benefit immensely. This year, I will be teaching about our nation's history through literature and technology. My goal is to make learning meaningful and fun, while incorporating materials my students have shown interest in. Books and technology would be a welcome addition to our... Learn more

Hannah Purcell’s Classroom

Air Base Elementary School

Homestead, FL 33032

Grade(s) 6th Grade

No. Students 110

Subject Social Studies / History

Need Literacy, reading materials

Dear Sir/Madam, I love getting my sixth grade students excited about learning! I respectfully request your assistance in bringing our nation`s history to life through captivating, inspiring books. With your donation, I will purchase books from a variety of great series, such as: A History of U.S., Who Was.., What Was...,If You Lived...,American G... Learn more

Nancy Marmesh’s Classroom

Coconut Grove Elementary School

Miami, FL 33133

Grade(s) All elementary

No. Students 30

Subject Reading skills

Need Literacy, reading materials

Throughout the day I work with with advanced 2nd through 4th graders in a fulltime gifted setting. These students represent a cross-section of the community and are curious about the world around them. We are in need of laptops, social studies materials, literature collections, and publishing supplies so that we can create a magazine and anthology... Learn more

Shenty Torres’s Classroom

George W. Carver Elementary School

Coral Gables, FL 33133

Grade(s) Kindergarten

No. Students 43

Subject Reading skills

Need Literacy, reading materials

Donations of any denomination are truly appreciated and will go toward purchasing games/materials that will be used in reading centers to differentiate instruction and target specific skills such as phonemic awareness, phonics, and reading fluency in a fun/enjoyable hands on manner. Your support will greatly impact the education of a child. Thank y... Learn more

Laura Cabrera’s Classroom

Ada Merritt K-8 Center

Miami, FL 33130

Grade(s) 2nd Grade

No. Students 45

Subject English Language Art

Need Literacy, reading materials

My students have fallen in love with many books this year. I would love to enhance our classroom library to be able to enjoy many reading series available out there.... Learn more

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