Julie Dupuis’s Classroom

Darwin L Gilmore El

League City, TX 77573

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  • 3552 Brittany Bay Blvd
  • (281) 284 - 6400
    4th Grade
    No. Students:
    Science (Social)
    Greatest funding need:
    Math, technology and science education, STEM

Geniuses Inspired: Learning Outside the Box Create learning based on the idea of individual instruction and acceleration using project based learning, thematic units touching on art/math/and science, inspiring dreamers and inventors to advance and develop their talents as well as lighting a flame for them to reach their highest potential. "

Rise above the lowest common denominator and challenge students to achieve more and gear them toward making great leaps in arts and science. Students will measure, create patterns and designs to build structures, design and sew items that can be useful, repaint and fix items that can be used instead of throwing out, as well as publish their own books.
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Active Project

Motivating Mathematicians by May 19, 2017

Motivate students to be enthusiastic about the area of mathematics.

Focus attention on students who are less interested or struggling in the area of math. The first week focus on setting up journals, playing games, and showing creative approaches to problem-solving. Model skills providing challenges and developing critical thinking skills in fun and exciting ways. Our top priority is to inspire future mathematicians and build their confidence in a comfortable, safe, and rewarding learning environment. Make students aware of their gaps but capitalize on their desire to learn. Let students discover and find pleasure in working with a variety of resources to solve problems and offer rewards for thinking and coming up with ideas. Build their enthusiasm through challenges that are within reach of their abilities. Introduce problems and ideas that students are genuinely interested in. I will provide a wide assortment of puzzles and games that require math skills and cooperation. This will maximize engagement and enhance the effectiveness of the teaching process.

Goal $ 1,200.00

55 days left

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